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In October 2011, I was involved in a rear end automobile accident. My chiropractor recommended massage and, since I knew Ms. Davidson previously, I scheduled some sessions. I had experienced massage only infrequently previously; mainly during vacations, and was not particularly impressed or hopeful. Imagine my surprise at my first session I experienced a “therapeutic” massage instead of a “body rub”. She immediately identified muscle tightness and decreased movement from the accident She worked with the relevant muscles and the tightness abated and range of motion increased.
I still visit periodically when certain muscles tighten, causing neck pain radiating up to produce a headache, which if not treated, results and migraines. Along with the therapy, I learned to thoroughly enjoy the sessions and the relaxation experience during and after. Thank you for the therapy and the friendship.
-Keith Walker

I would like to tender my recommendation and praise of K. C. Davidson, LMT with regard to the professionalism and ability as a licensed massage therapist. Due to business stresses I have been required to hire a massage therapist in my office. Secondary to her qualifications, I requested Ms. Davidson to work for Cardona Chiropractic. Regretfully, Ms. Davidson had to decline since she is obligated to lease agreement.
Ms. Davidson’s ability allows me to state, unequivocally, that I would recommend her in the future to my patients as well as user for my personal massage.
The feedback I have received from my patients has served to solidify my opinions of Ms. Davidson’s abilitiy and professionalism. I have never had a complaint in your only praise
-Julio Cardona, Jr., D.C.

I have referred many of my patients to K.C. for massage therapy. The feedback from my patients is always very positive. They state she is a very competent massage therapist and she improves their physical condition immensely. She is always very professional, friendly and cares about their well-being.
I highly recommend it K.C. As a massage therapist.
-Lee Gardner, M.D.

Ms. K.C. Davidson, LMT has been a colleague of mine for several years. I initially began working with her when I was a patient under the care of Dr. Bill Breitenstein, where K. C. Was employed as a massage therapist. I remember her technological competence and how quickly my situation resolved with the therapy she provided.
Since then, I have periodically receive massage therapy from her, and have also referred my patient’s to her for therapy for various conditions and injuries. I enjoyed the level of care that K. C. Provides to me and my patients, and I plan to continue referring to her in the future.
-Janine M. MacDonald, D.C.

I would like to express to you how thankful I am to have K.C. Davidson as my massage therapist. I have been seeing K.C. regularly since June 2007. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and needed special treatment to maintain a low stress level. She has always been gentle on the days my nerves were extra sensitive. She has also, always, been able to meet my needs. She is a caring, understanding, encouraging and supportive massage therapist. She is always searching for more information to give me concerning multiple sclerosis and a healthy lifestyle. I have been to a number of massage therapist and have never felt comfortable with their techniques. She is a thoughtful and loyal individual and I have never been more satisfied.
-Hannal Cramer

I have been a customer of K.C. Davidson at A New Beginning Massage Therapy practice since 2005. She has always provided me excellent, professional service and care. I have recommended many people to her and bought multiple gift certificates from her. Those customers have also received the same professional service and care. She is a very compassionate person and cares very deeply about my health. She is attentive to ensure the treatments she provides me are improving my health conditions.
K.C. is prompt and processing insurance claims and is always very organized, honest, and professional in her business practices. She provides a clean, healthy, and therapeutic environment for my treatments. K.C. is dependable and reliable and runs her business very efficiently.
I find KC to be a professional medical care provider to me and I will continue to be a patron of her business.
-Carolyn Poizel

K.C. has been my massage therapist since March 9, 2007. I currently have a prescription for massage therapy from Dr. Birch Porter at Providence medical Center.
I have benefited greatly from this therapy and K.C. provides her service with the utmost and professionalism. KC is very dependable and or services are of the highest quality.
I would refer her massage therapy services to anyone.
-Debra Erickson

I was referred to K.C. for massage therapy after an auto accident five years ago. The referring doctor knew of my reservations but insisted that KC would be the right referral for me and I should give her a try. K.C. is awesome.
It has been five years since the accident and now I continue to visit with K.C. because of her quality care. I have referred my wife and friends to her.
-Ron Threadgill

I have been seeing K.C. Davidson since January 2005. I have had many massage therapist over the past 25 years and find K.C. to be the best, hands down. I get extremely tight muscles and K.C. has always been able to give me relief. I find her to be professional, reliable, and of consistent excellent quality. I recommend K.C. to anyone interested in massage therapy.
-Judy Thielen Kennedy

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